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Nigerian Girl’s Perfect Handwriting Lands Her Dream Job

A beautiful young lady whose handwriting could be mistaken for a computer font has stunned many online.

The proud Nigerian girl, Emediong Essien, shared photos of her book on social media and gushed over her fine handwriting.

She also appreciated her teacher for coaching her and her classmates on writing neatly and perfectly.

Her words:

“While sitting to update some school notes and assignments, I can’t help but admire the beauty of my handwriting. The lines are straight, the curves are smooth, and every letter is perfectly formed. It’s a small thing, but it brings me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

“It’s funny to think that I used to dread those handwriting exercises in primary school. (my first copy book, tracing of letters e.t.c)

“Our teacher was strict and demanded perfection. We grumbled and complained, thinking she was being too hrd on us. But now, looking back, I see how she was actually training us to have beautiful handwriting from the very beginning.

“Although all efforts to reach her have been futile, she may or may not see this post but I’m really grateful for all her efforts. Plus this handwriting got me a job.”

Social media reactions

Okolo Jennifer asked:

“Does it remain the exact way when you take dictations or write fast?”

Treasure Okpara remarked:

“Very impressive!”

Shalom Happy said:

“Na this kind handwriting we Dey snap and borrow note from too sweet.”

Darius Successful added:

“Can u write very fast and they still look this beautiful?”

See her post below: