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Living on the Ceiling: 5 Upside-Down Houses That Will Turn Your World Around!

Travelers from all over the world have been drawn to the world’s architectural wonders. No matter where you walk in any developed country in the world, you’ll find something beautiful, whether it’s the romantic streets of Paris or the sophisticated appeal of London.


Many beautiful and stunning houses have been built over the years with their roofs or heads facing upward, but have you ever imagined houses erected with their roofs facing downward and their bases vertically upward?

You’re likely to feel a little uncomfortable when you see these houses, but their bizarre charm keeps you curious about how and why they were erected backwards.


1. Niagara Falls, Ontario


The main draw of Niagara Falls is indeed the Inverted House just on the Canadian side, but once you’ve had your fill of the spray, you can check it out. With potted flowers on every window, the house is yellow with a crimson roof.

When you stroll through this dizzying destination, all the furniture is flipped and crooked as well. In order to maintain a straight line, the floor will keep you wondering how far you have to tilt.


2. Orlando, Florida’s WonderWorks


When it comes to WonderWorks, you get precisely what you expect. This tourist attraction is more like an amusement park than a museum, and it attracts visitors from all over the world.


A glow-in-the-dark ropes course, a bubble lab, and an earthquake simulator are all part of the upside-down experience. Similar attractions can be found in Orlando, as well as four other cities across the country.Phuket, Thailand’s Baan Teelanka is on the list.


3. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand is home to this three-story, upside-down structure. An escape room, a big maze in the garden, and a coffee shop are all part of the park’s larger, camellia-pink-painted structure. Through the attic, tourists can access the contemporary-designed house, and then work their way through the recently turned property.


4. Tagurpidi Maja Tartu, located in Estonia.

It’s hard to imagine a more cheery upside-down house than this one in sunny yellow. One of the most basic homes in the European town of Tartu, Estonia, this one has a plain furniture and appliance set-up.


Because it’s upside down, it’s the only anomaly. Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Inverted House.


5. Kuala Lumpur’s KL Tower

Kuala Lumpur’s KL Tower, the seventh-tallest building in the world, is within walking distance of this classic upside-down bungalow. From the moment you walk in, the orange house is meticulous in its attention to detail.


Nothing was overlooked, not even the photo frames or the diapers and toys in the children’s room. Birthdays and other family celebrations are common occurrences at this venue.