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Beautiful Lady Spotted In A Cosy Moment With An Ape As They Pose For Photos Together

A beautiful young lady known as @brandynicoleofficial on TikTok shared a heartwarming video that was taken during a tour she went on.

In the video that raised numerous eyebrows on social media, @brandynicoleofficial took lovey-dovey photos with an ape, specifically an orangutan.

Watch the video below:


This orangutan really thought he was my man ???? #thailand???????? #postcardsfromtheworld #fyp #traveltiktok #travelbucketlist #monkeylove #orangutansoftiktok #safariworld

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The ape planted kisses all over the beautiful young lady’s face and hand, and even gave her a tight hug from behind as the photographer captured the different shots.

Photos of beautiful lady and an ape
Beautiful lady taking lovey-dovey photos with an orangutan Photo credit: @brandynicoleofficial via TikTok
Source: Twitter

Ghanaians react to video of ape taking lovey-dovey pictures with a pretty lady

When the video surfaced on Ghana Twitter, netizens could not keep their cool. Below are some of the comments they shared.

@daddyncocogirl indicated:

Voluntarily getting this close to a mammal that has the strength of 15 adult men is indeed brave. I would rather take my chances driving off a bridge and plummeting into the water and seeing if I could get out, but hey, to each their own.

@frank_bannerman mentioned:

His homies are never gonna believe him when he tells them

@Quantumleeping stated:

One of these days, he’s not going to be in the mood to be teased. He’ll want the girl. You don’t want to be the one there to find out.