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5 Celebrities That Are Biracial, Checkout Their Parents’ Origins

If you’ve ever wondered why some people appear to look foreign despite being born in Nigeria, then you are probably new to the concept of Mixed-Nationality Half-Caste, or Biracial. In that case, it means these people were born from two different races and sometimes referred to as half-castes.

Interestingly, there are lots of them in the entertainment world, and you can’t help but marvel at their beauty. In fact, 80% of biracials are exceptionally beautiful and with unique characters. So let’s dive right in, and list 5 of these beautiful Nigerian celebrities that are bi-racial.

Ramsey Noah

If you’re an avid fan of Nollywood movies, then there’s no way you won’t know Ramsey Noah. He is an award-winning Nollywood actor and producer and asides from being fluent in the Igbo Language he can also speak Yoruba.

However, he was born in Edo state, by a Yoruba mother (from Ondo state) and an Israeli father. The mixed nationality is why Ramsey looks so Nigerian yet fit perfectly in foreign-style movies

Sophie Alakija

Most people knew her during her relationship with Wizkid, but hardly know that she is not just a Nigerian lady, but also has relations outside the country. Her mother is Nigerian while her father is a Lebanese.

She acquired her surname, “Alakija” after marrying the son of the wealthiest woman in Nigeria, Mr. Wale Alakija. Her half-caste look is why she fits in lots of movies requiring foreigners, for example, she played the role of an expatriate concubine in the “Assistant Madams”.

Helen Folasade Adu

Sade was born in Ibadan but spent most of her time in Essex, England. Her father is a Nigerian, while her mother hailed from the United Kingdom. Folashade became a singer and later became the first Nigerian to ever be nominated and awarded the Grammy Award.

Adunni Ade

This popular actress is also a Half-Caste, which is why she is such a beauty to watch in movies. Her Father is a Yoruba man who married a German-American Woman, resulting in the mixed nationality look on Adunni Ade. She has been named on several occasions as one of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the floor of the Nollywood industry.

Caroline Danjuma

It can be noticed from her name that Caroline is not fully from one country. Even though her mother married a Scottish man,Caroline Uduak Abasi Ekanem (known as Caroline Danjuma) was born on June 26th, 1980 in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, as the first of three children of a Scottish father and a Nigerian mother. She is an actress and model.