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I will never regret it if my children see my Kpekus online-Shugαtiti says as her Kpekus video Lєαked(Watch)

Shugatiti, a Ghanaian socialite and nvdist, has acknowledged that, given the chance, she would gladly strip for $30,000.

Shugatiti added, “I won’t regret it if my kids grow up seeing her n@ked pictures all over the internet.” in a conversation with YouTuber Fire Lady.

I’ll take $30,000 for n@ked pictures. She replied, “I will gladly do it, and I won’t regret it if my children grow up and see my nvde pictures on the internet.

Shugatiti then revealed that she is dating a man whose family is aware of their relationship. I will eventually settle down, I have a date, she revealed. She went on to say that their son’s family is aware of my involvement in his life.

When she was talking about her work as a nvdist, she said that even though many Ghanaians say they don’t like it, they like watching Hollywood celebrities get nvde.

They do concur with it and simply detest the fact that I am the one doing it. However, they will visit Nicki Minaj’s page to comment, “Oh lovely, oh nice,” on her posts before visiting Cardi B’s page to say the same thing.

But people don’t like you because you’re black. They will inquire, such as “Why would you do that?” We are animals. I think they are just hypocrites. She stated that they enjoy it but are reluctant to admit it.