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The Real Reason Why I So Much Regret My Marriage in 2008 – Ini Edo

Fifteen years later, Ini Edo is revealing the real reason why she got married in 2008 and explaining why she till today, deeply regrets that marriage. Here’s what Ini had to say

Ini Edo on #WithChude

Speaking during an interview with Chude about the real reason she got married in 2008, Ini Edo said:

INI EDO: My mum was scared that going into this kind of career and having this level of exposure would perhaps lead me astray and there was a time where I was suffering so much media attack, so at that point, she was really of the opinion that I should just get married and quit, which is why I got married as at when I got married.

“Would you get married again? Did you regret the decision the first time, and would you do it again?”

INI EDO: [Did I regret the decision] to get married? Yes I did. I regretted it.

“Why did you regret it?”

INI EDO: Because it just wasn’t the right move to make.

“Would you do it again?”

INI EDO: If the right person comes. At my own time, if the right person comes. If it doesn’t come, I’m good.

“So your mum put some pressure on you to get married, you were trying to make her happy, you do this thing. Like a human being, you are learning and you’re growing. But outside, the magazines are treating it like some kind of movie and spectacle. At that time, as the human being in the situation trying to figure herself out, how are you able to keep out that noise? You were struggling with the marriage, trying to make it happen, and people are just pouring stories on top of your head.

INI EDO: I feel like it’s not even going to stop anyway. You know, it also comes with the territory of what we do. How do I keep my head up? I just focus. And I surroud myself with people who love me. Like yesterday for example, somebody called me – a friend that I have a lot of respect for – and was telling me some story. I kinda hung up the phone because I was just about going to sleep. I said “I have too much positive energy going on around me, I do not need this”. He said “no I just heard it somewhere and I want to be sure”, and I said “it’s shit talk and I don’t want to hear it. Next time you hear it, don’t tell me”. I have too many things going on right now.

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