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The Real Reason Why I Made Priscilla Stop Acting – Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo is the mother of influencer and businesswoman Priscilla Ojo who actually started her career in the media as a child actress, before disappearing from the scene for a long time before her return. Now, during a new interview with The Album, Iyabo Ojo explains why she made Priscilla stop acting, as well as opened up about her journey in the industry and how she feels about Priscilla’s success in media. Here’s what Iyabo Ojo had to say.

Iyabo Ojo during interview

Speaking about how it was for her getting into the movie industry, Iyabo Ojo said:

IYABO OJO: For me, I’m a very humble person and I was extremely very humble and respectful and in that industry, that was the first thing I knew. I knew how to play my cards and my games, and I knew that for you to get into the industry and make it really quick, you need to follow those who are already in the A-list. You need to mingle with the right group of people so that it will lead you faster, and for you to do that, you need to put your ego down. You need to be very respectful, very humble, very patient. So that made it very easy for me. If you allow social media, it will mess with you. You have to be very strong. You have to be someone who has very strong inner being.

Speaking about how she feels about Priscilla being in the media, influencing, and doing well, Iyabo Ojo said:

IYABO OJO: She is making money so it is less stress for me [laughs]. Whatever makes my children happy, and that is how I grew up also. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to do and be who I want to be, and so I projected that also on my children. I love the fact that she’s doing a whole lot of things that I’m doing.

Speaking about why she made Priscilla who started out as a child actress stop acting, Iyabo Ojo said:

IYABO OJO: When she was younger, she was acting and I stopped it for her. I stopped it because I wanted her to face her studies. When they were younger, I didn’t give them that access to be on social media and I did that based on their level of education. When they were in secondary school, they were limited to things they could do on social media. Very limited. And I monitored everything they were doing while they were on social media and it’s very important for all mothers to do that. So I did not allow her have a lot of information about a lot of things and then when it was time, when she was going into the university, when I knew obviously I wasn’t going to be there, I needed to allow her have that access, but that background training had already been there. Now she’s done with university, she’s back to Nollywood and she’s acting again.