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Mohbad’s mother left when he was 12, but never abandoned him, aunt says (Video)

“Mohbad’s mother never abandoned him, she only left when he was 12” – Late singer’s aunt speaks -VIDEO

A lady who claims to be Mohbad’s aunt has come forward to address the claims suggesting that the singer’s mother abandoned him at a tender age.

She emphatically stated that Mohbad’s mother never abandoned him. According to her, when the couple (Mohbad’s mother/father) separated, they decided to share the responsibility for their three children, with each parent taking care of one or more of them. In her case, she took in the youngest child whom she could better care for at the time.

The woman made it clear that this arrangement did not constitute abandonment, and there was always contact between the children and their parents.

She also revealed that Mohbad often confided in his mother about the challenges he faced with Naira Marley, the head of Marlian Music.

Swipe the post below to watch her speak:


Reacting, One @mrdannypromo wrote: “I knew the mum was always there for him, I saw her kneeling down and begging Naira marley.”

soloblinkz wrote: “The fact she left her marriage, doesn’t mean she left her son. Y’all let her be, please.”

___zainab.a wrote: “I believe her. They may not have lived together but, she was obviously present. They are evidences to proof she, the wife and in-laws are very cordial.”

kattyproperty wrote: “They should stop stressing this thing already. I’m from a polygamous home and same thing happened to me. My mum left but my dad didn’t allow her carry my brother and I along. She moved on with her own life but was still calling to check on us sometimes she bring things sometimes she doesn’t show up. We went through a lot from our step mom until my brother decided to leave the family early to help himself while I endured since I was a girl. We grew up and started taking care of my mum till she passed and my dad too passed. What happened between our both parents can’t stop the natural love we have for our mother. Many things do happen in families because of parents mistakes. The earlier you avoid polygamous home, the better for you.”