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Massive $17M catfish found by people goes viral (Watch)

Trending video of biggest cat fish found by people gets social media abuzz

A video showing the biggest cat fish found by the people has surfaced online and by extension become a topic of discussion online.

Many Internet users have been left in a drooling state as they could not believe their eyes following a video showing how cat fish was found in the river by the people living in the community.

In the clip, the people who were clearly excited joined hands together as they were seen pulling the biggest cat fish from the river to the ground level.

This is coming few days after Instagram influencer Ola of Lagos flaunts N5.7M fish eaten by Davido, Cubana and other billionaire celebrities in the country.

As expected, the video of the biggest cat fish found by people has triggered several reactions online, while some said the cat fish worth over $17M but people out of ignorance may end up eating it, others claimed that it’s not catfish but a whale shark.

Some also speculated that the fish might have already lived up to 100years inside the water.

Watch the video below;