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4 Years of My Life I Deeply Regret – Simi opens up


Nigerian singer Simi is living the dream of so many upcoming and aspiring musicians today. She has been able to record and release a number of smash hit singles and enjoy a career that has blessed her with fans from all over the world. But before Simi got to this point of fame, she too was once a hungry aspiring musician, and like many singers, there are decisions she made during that time of hunger that she still regrets till this day.

During an interview on The Official Naija Top 10 show, Simi opened up about what happened during the 4 years of her life she still regrets till this day. Here’s what Simi had to say.

Speaking about 4 years of her life she still regrets, how she entered them, and how she was able to get out of it, Simi revealed saying:

SIMI: When I put out my gospel song “Ara Ile”, the song was very popular especially like in the whole of Nigeria but nobody knew my face. I was a trenches babe then, you get. The song is there but the money wasn’t. I used to go to a lot of churches to perform. They’d pay me like 5k, 10k to perform. Although, do you know the highest amount of money I collected when I was doing gospel? 70 thousand naira. And I felt like the illest! After that, I just didn’t have money. “Ara Ile” was in the middle of a gospel album called Oga Ju and after that, I was just looking for my break. Like I said, they were paying me 10k, it was enough to buy food here and there but like not enough for my career you know what I mean.

That’s when I got signed to a record label that I regret, till this day. And I was there for like 4 years.

Ultimately, I waited it out and then I got signed to X3M music. I dropped “Tiff” and you know, we bless God!

It’s so sad how many upcoming singers fall prey to wicked and ill-meaning people that trap them in horrible record deals and waste their time. So happy Simi was still able to attain success after the delay and I hope her story acts as caution to upcoming musicians who may get tempted to sign shady record deals out of hunger.

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