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Lady goes viral after showcasing her usual dance talent (Watch video)

A video of a lady dancing to the song ‘Bella’ by Nigerian artiste, MHD, has become very popular on social media. In the video, the lady is wearing tight-fitting jeans and a crop top, and she is dancing to the beat of the song. Her nyash (buttocks) moves in perfect synchrony with the beat of the song, leaving viewers captivated.

The identity of the lady in the video is not known. However, she has gained a lot of attention for her perfect curves and mesmerizing dance moves. Many people have praised her for her impressive dancing skills.


The video has sparked mixed reactions from social media users. Some people have praised the lady for her dancing skills, while others have criticized her for promoting indecency and immorality.

The video has been shared multiple times across various social media platforms. It has garnered thousands of views and shares. If you want to watch the video, you can do so below.